My 3 favorite NIADA web pages

NIADA is really stepping up their web presence. Although I could do without the sounds and commercials on their home page, the organization has a lot of great resources available for free online. Here is a list of my favorites NIADA web pages.

  1. The Ultimate Vendor Guide : Directory of software and technology service providers
  2. Publications : Including the monthly UCDM, PDF documents, IRS help
  3. State Association contact list : With website URLs where applicable

Out of these resources, the State Association list is the one that I refer dealers to most often.


Welcome to

Phase one complete! This website is now located at You have likely been redirected here via, and that is just fine for a while.

WordPress offers a domain redirection service that makes a move to a new datacenter a breeze. I started a decent discussion about this process, and the wp community stepped right up to help.

I want to improve this website. I found myself restricted on, although it’s so easy to start a new website there. The minute I considered using the tag line I made up for this blog, tactical technique, I scrambled to check its availability. I got the .net, too.

There’s an article in the May edition Used Car Dealer Magazine that I’m going to write about. That magazine just so happens to be online and downloadable for free.

Yahoo! Autos caught cloaking

The page has clearly been edited since this has gone public, but this is silly. A search engine cloaking pages to rank better in search engines. What gives?

So, they are clearly serving different content to their users and to the search engines. The pages they’re serving to the bots are heavily keyword stuffed. I honestly don’t know where they could cram the word “used cars” on the page again. It’s everywhere.

Update: Laura Lippay, Yahoo’s SEO Program Manager responds.