Creating great content for dealership homepages

Too many car dealer websites have little content other than vehicle listings. In order to engage a shopper, you have to provide them with information they are interested in and a compelling reason to come back to your website in the future. Here are ideas for great website content, and some reasons why these are good ideas.

Written directions to your location

A driving directions page that only offfers satellite mapping services pinpoints your business on the map, but does little else to help someone who needs directions. Serve that new customer thoroughly–you can go much farther to help someone find your business than pass the responsibility off to a third party robot atlas. Provide turn by turn directions from the highway, and use landmarks to describe your exact location. A web page that is strongly associated with a single physical address with lots of supporting content will help your site rank well for “used [car] in [zip code or city]” searches.

Names of surrounding cities and towns

Target your audience explicitly. Shoppers are typically more comfortable doing business close to home. Use the names of surrounding cities and towns on pages other than your driving directions page to identify yourself as local. A brilliant “meet the staff” page can assemble decades of experience in previous jobs (and locations). The majority of car buying searches consist of a vehicle and a location. Defining the geographical reach of your business in text will help search engines link those searchers to you.

Something the customer doesn’t expect

I’d really like to see this classic motorcycle collection in person. You can pick me up at the airport? It’s right next to the miniature golf course? Well yes, I would enjoy some free coffee.


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