Advertising for the competition

A small-time dealer website host, VehicleHost, is openly advertising for most of their competitors. This can be extremely bad for two reasons, and both are because of search engine technology.

Shopping online is easy

Any website, person or document that you mention online can be found in nanoseconds. Lots of web browsers and browser plugins are capable of conducting this research for the user and hiding it behind a single click. The definition of shopping is to find and compare products in anticipation of a purchase. Calling out the competition by name is an open invitation for shoppers to buy someone else’s product. And remember, a superior product by itself doesn’t always win you the sale. You need a better website and a sales staff with better answers to the questions answered on all the competitors’ websites. In this case, Vehicle Host is listing competitor prices to show they are cheaper. Providing this data makes them a liar (or at least a provider of false information) the minute any of the competing prices change.

Inviting competitors to your site

Because all information online is so easily searchable, you are making it easier for these companies to find your website. I stumbled upon the VehicleHost website while researching one of the competitors on their list. Most companies (including the ones I work for) won’t respond to negative marketing like this, but why take the chance that someone might?


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