Vehix farms out inventory to HomeNet

Dear Vehix Inventory Provider:

We are pleased to announce that Vehix has selected HomeNet, Inc. to consolidate inventory polling services for our website. Vehix will utilize HomeNet’s Inventory Online (IOL) technology to upload new and used vehicle inventory data for the site.

HomeNet is a leading provider of vehicle inventory data solutions and has been serving the automotive industry for over ten years. They presently poll inventory for over 6,800 dealers and have more than 1.6 million vehicles in their daily inventory upload. HomeNet’s IOL software is compatible with all DMS types such as ADP, Reynolds & Reynolds, Auto/Mate, UCS, Karpower, PBS, Arkona, EDS, and more. They also are capable of receiving inventory from most third party aggregators. HomeNet will also be handling vehicle photographs as part of the Vehix process.

We will be collecting and sending inventory information to HomeNet throughout May and June with the target to switch over live on July 1. This letter serves as our authorization for you to also forward inventory for Vehix dealers to HomeNet. Please continue to also send inventory to your current Vehix address until we notify you that the transition is complete.

We appreciate and respect the trust you place in us when you provide inventory information. You can be assured that HomeNet will also respect the integrity of your dealers’ data. To learn more about HomeNet, please visit their website at

Again, the plan is to switch over to HomeNet on July 1. If you have any questions about the transition process, please contact me.

Thank you,

Travis Janiszewski

Manager, Dealer Services

Vehix, Inc.

(801) 401-6063


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