This Automotive Marketing Blog is the web’s newest automotive marketing resource available, designed to assist independent dealers and wholesalers excel online.

Over the past few years, the major automotive trade publications have increased their focus on internet marketing strategies and the benefits of related technology. However, very few professionals have emerged to offer sound, detailed advice.

This website was designed to provide insight into all aspects of automotive sales online. We’ll examine classifieds, search engine marketing, dealership websites, and market researching strategies that will help you run a more effective business.


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  1. yhurg on

    Welcome to the automotive blogosphere. Please check out our newsletter – The Automotive Sphere. Let me know if interested in participating in the effort.

  2. yhurg on

    Oh, meant to let you know I added you my list of Wonder Links and will probably write a post on my own blog to introduce your blog to my readers.

    To learn more about my Wonder Links, read this post.

  3. Auto on

    Hey thanks. All of the auto bloggers I’ve encountered so far seem to be straight shooters, and you’re no exception.

    I’ll check your links out when I get a minute, and I think it’s about time to add a blogroll to the AMB.

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